Unlocked Dual Sim Phone

Unlocked Dual Sim Phone This dual sim phone is simple, easy to use and suitable for any family member. It can be used for travelling - take it with you when you travel overseas when you don’t want to take your current phone. It’s great for emergencies, give it to the kids, your grandparents or have it as your second phone! It’s always there to back you up in case you need it. It really is a great back up phone for anyone in any circumstance.
Vendor: PimpMyMobie
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Dual Sim

Dual standby sim phone can use two sim cards.



Standby Time

With a long life battery and up to 6 days standby time.




Built in camera for taking photos and videos.



Supports MP3/MP4 playback, FM radio, voice recording and calendar.



Other Features:

Torch Flashlight

Great feature to have on your phone especially when you’re searching for something in the dark.



So you can use your phone hands free!


Memory Expansion

Micro SD storage. Supports up to 16 GB.

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