Sports Watch Heart Rate Monitor Pink/ Black

Take control of your fitness today with this easy to use fitness watch with a wireless HRM (heart rate monitor). This lightweight and water resistant watch is a great workout assistant to help track your personal fitness, displaying pulse rate, heart rate zones, calories burned and more.
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Set your targets
Know your limits with the integrated definable fields and alerts, allowing you to program your personal target and safe heart rate zones.

Monitor your progress
Review and record up to 7 days of data with the built-in-memory - great as an on board guide for keeping on track with your personal fitness progress.  The watch displays your:

-Heart rate
-Percentage heart rate
-Calorie unit
-Fat unit
-Exercise level
-Lap timer
-Alarm set
-12 hour time


Wireless chest strap 
Included with the Navig8r HRM watch is a wireless chest strap which easily pairs with your watch to display constant heart rate reading.  The wireless chest strap is adjustable to ensure optimal fitting for added comfort during workouts.


The HRM watch displays 12-hour time just like a digital watch.


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