AC Wall Charger Twin USB 2 X 12 WATT output

AC Wall Charger Twin USB 2 x 12 Watt (2.4A) Output Series
Manufacturer: Laser
Vendor: PimpMyMobie
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AC Wall Charger Twin USB 2 x 12 Watt (2.4A) Output Series

The LASER 12watt/2.4 Amp DUAL USB charger gets all of your USB powered devices charged faster.( Total 24 watt)


Faster is better

The Laser 12watt DUAL USB Wall charger will charge twice as fast as a standard charger* especially on new generation tablets, smartphones and power banks.  It also means that if you're in a hurry, the Laser 12 watt DUAL USB charger will get you going faster.  Just in a few minutes on charge and you're up and running again






Good things come in pairs

The Laser 12 watt DUAL USB home charger as two USB charging ports which means you can have two USB powered devices charged at the same time...faster.


Universally compatible

The Laser 12watt USB DUAL USB home charger works with ALL USB powered devices.  That's because no matter how much power your USB powered device needs, the LASER 12watt DUAL USB charger will onyl ever provide the right amount of charge which means no over or under charging.



Compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards and carrying approvals for Electrical Safety, the LASER 12watt DUAL USB wall charger also has built in safety features to protect against electrical spikes, overcharging and over heating.



Weight(kg) 0.15
Dimensions(mm) w: 32 h: 26 d: 76
3 key feature benefits 1: Built-in over current power protection 2: LED charging indicator 3: Each USB port delivers up to 12 watts (2.4A)
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