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10” eTouch Everyday tablet Bluetooth HDMI, HD Touch Screen

Featuring a dual core processor and Android 4.0 operating system to enhance multitasking - the Laser 10” eTouch Everyday is the perfect tablet for movies, music, web surfing, emails, reading books and more. Enjoy all your favourite apps from the Google Play store which are installed and ready to go straight out of the box. It also includes the Navig8r eStreet Directory for advanced navigation and routing instructions.
$198.00 $79.00

2200mah Emergency Power Bank with 3 in 1 Charging Cable PINK

This portable high capacity and high current Power Bank is ideal for all USB devices, tablets and smartphones and comes with lightning, Micro and 30 Pin. It's pre-charged so you can start using it straight out of the box. Carry the Power Bank wherever you go on full charge and never worry about a low battery again - simply plug it in and let it charge. Charge your smartphone, tablet or mobile device on the go with the PB-2200P-PNK.
$32.00 $12.15

Australian AC-DC Adaptor Charger Power Supply 10 pack (Tip Size 1)

MAINS POWER ADAPTOR 12V 2A (24 Watts) * With FULL compliance approval's and marking. (Electrical Safety, MEPS, EMC) Tip size 1: Dimms are (mm): Plug 7.25 long, 3.45 wide, 1.5 inner diameter Housing (mm) 46 wide, 39 deep, 83 long, Weight 127Grams Note: The above measurements have been sampled used digital vernier calipers. Please purchase a batch for sampling howewer if you are unsure about your specific project tolerances .
$88.00 $16.50

Bluetooth Smart Watch

Bluetooth smart watch perfect for most smart phones
$255.00 $150.00

Bluetooth Soundbar with Base

Compliment your TV setup with this stereo sound bar and bass box. Listen to FM radio, stream music via Bluetooth or connect any device which has an audio output (L/R stereo) to receive great room filling sound. Whether it’s movie night, a gaming marathon or simply watching the news, the LASER soundbar will add a new dimension to any room.
$230.00 $79.00

Bluetooth Speaker Hands-Free Twist White

Portable bluetooth speaker
$24.99 $20.99

Digital Photo Frame 7 Frameless Media

Photo Frame 7
$39.99 $29.99

LED Light Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Light Speaker
$49.99 $39.99

MID Tablet 7 Colour Capacitive Touch Screen 4GB Black

Introducing LASER's new Smart Pad tablet, the product of excellence when it comes to MID design. Watch movies, read books, listen to music, email or surf internet via Wi-Fi. But what sets it apart from the rest?
$128.00 $49.00

Navig8r T43B GPS 4.3 2G flash onboard 128M DDR

Navig8r perfect to get you around Australia.
$59.99 $49.99

Notebook Case Womens To 16 with Strap Red

Laptop Tote Bag
$32.00 $25.00

Notebook Laptop Bag Mouse USB Hub

netbook starter kit
$25.95 $20.00

Notebook Sleeve To 10 Neoprene Reversible

LASER Smart Sleeve For Up To 10'' devices, With Reversible Colours, Black & Blue
$42.00 $14.99

Set Top Box HD PVR HDMI Media 5000

Representing the latest in Digital set top box technology (MPEG 4), the STB-5000 is a signifcant step up from our big selling HDM3000. Now with the ability to pause and replay TV from your USB flash drive or hard drive, the time shift feature enables you to record and watch what you want when you want. Coupled with the 7 day EPG, you simply highlight the program you want and press record. The STB-5000 is also a great media player. Compatible with most of the major audio and video formats you can playback your content on your big screen TV in the comfort of your lounge room. Other improvements from the new chipsets are less power consumption (cooler operating temperature), a revised user menu interface and improved reception in remote areas. Connect Set Top Box STB-5000 to turn normal PC montor (with HDMI) to a digital TV or Connect STB-5000 with digital TV to get second tuner, so you can watch one channel and record another one.
$140.00 $39.00

Sports Camera HD 720P Mini

The Navig8r Sports Cam Mini is a great value (mini) HD camera which can be used by anyone from kids to professionals. Featuring High Definition (720p) video and a built in rechargable battery, the Sports Cam mini comes with a waterproof housing (up to 3m) and a mount for bike handle bars and a bike helmet making it perfect for capturing that first bike ride or a day at the beach. Connect it to your TV with the supplied cables or to your PC to charge and transfer files. Did we mention it was small? when we say mini, we really mean mini.
$1,200.00 $39.00

Unlocked Dual Sim Phone

Unlocked Dual Sim Phone This dual sim phone is simple, easy to use and suitable for any family member. It can be used for travelling - take it with you when you travel overseas when you don’t want to take your current phone. It’s great for emergencies, give it to the kids, your grandparents or have it as your second phone! It’s always there to back you up in case you need it. It really is a great back up phone for anyone in any circumstance.
$80.00 $44.73

Valentine Leon Dark Brown Teddy Bear with Heart

Express your love with Leon the Valentine Teddy bear, with its soft lush dark brown fur, your lover will surely fall in love with.

Valentine Sweetie Teddy Bear Roses W/Gift Box

Express your love with Sweetie the Valentine Teddy bear, with its soft lush white fur, your lover will surely fall in love with. Comes in a transparent carry box

Web Cam 1.3MP Driver-Free

Web Camera
$10.99 $6.99

Web Cam 1.3MP Twinpack Driver-Free

two webcameras
$29.99 $20.99

WIFI Power Switch ( Plug )

The Wi-Fi enabled Laser Smart Switch connects wirelessly to your home internet router. This allows you to turn your home appliances on and off from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet device. The Laser Smart Switch APP allows you to view information about the device’s energy usage and usage costs. It‘s perfect to pair with heaters, wall A/C units, TVs, washers, dryers, fans, lights, watering system and more.
$198.00 $99.00

African Amethyst Stud Earring

Everyday Wear African Amethyst Stud Earring
$100.00 $75.00

Gecko Curving Ring

Stainless Steel Ring - Gecko Curving
OnlineSupermarket -Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Launched in Australia, get best offers!!!